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About Us

About Us

Where Travel Meets Digital. is the go-to destination for both digital nomads and avid travelers alike. To help you make informed buying and lifestyle choices we’ve structured our content into 3 easy categories:

  1. Digital Nomad Lifestyle Guides. Are you already one of over 4.8 million digital nomads or aspiring to become one? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s guides on how to set-up your company, which country to live in or the best co-working spaces in Medellin – we’ll provide you with objective information to enable you to live your digital nomad lifestyle the best way possible!
  2. Travel Gear Reviews. We’ve all been there: you want to buy a specific type of gear and then go on and search the internet for hours and hours only to in the end have too much info on your hands. The result: you just go to REI and buy the next best item that serves your purpose. We’re here to make your gear search painless and straight-forward – with our in-depth, objective reviews of the best gear for travelers!
  3. Smart Travel Tips. Just picking up a Lonely Planet before your next trip? Take it one step further! Whether it’s airport security, packing your luggage or choosing the best insurance, we’ll provide you with smart tips to plan and enjoy your next vacation. Hassle-free!

In short:

Welcome to the pack!


Cassandra is a frequent traveler from Toronto, Canada. Like a true digital nomad, Cassandra takes advantage of her ability to work from anywhere, which leads to frequent last-minute trips domestically and abroad.


Frank is British freelance writer currently living in New York. He has extensive experience in journalism, covering travel, tech, and sports. He has worked and lived in London, New York, New Delhi and Munich. As a travel enthusiast he enjoys spending hours on research so readers can easily find their perfect travel gear.


Andrew is a digital marketing analyst who enjoys working remotely in off-the-beaten-path locations, whether that be within his home state of Texas or abroad. In addition to traveling for work, Andrew loves going on fly fishing and photography expeditions.


Madisyn has been working as a part-time digital nomad for 5 years, taking the plunge with her travel and lifestyle blog The Restless Worker. In her full-time job she manages the social media team for one of Canada’s largest insurance companies.


Brandon Austin is a digital marketing specialist. Based in Toronto, he frequently travels throughout Canada and the United States to explore the continent’s rich architecture, culture, and history.


Steven is a semi-retired financial advisor. He loves to mix his leisurely travels with trips to investment conferences all over the world and the United States.


Mike is a digital nomad currently based in Quito, Ecuador. He's been running his own, small web design agency for the past 2 years.


Chris is one of the first members of the team behind He is an avid traveler who currently resides in Portland, Oregon. As a true digital nomad, he's visited numerous countries in Latin America and Europe before settling in the United States.


Originally from Germany, Oliver is a digital nomad with a passion for data analysis and SEO. He's currently based in Panama from where he discovers Central, South, and North America. True to his origins, Oliver is an avid football fan and homebrewer.


Andy never planned to become a digital nomad, it just sort of happened. During a 4-year motorcycle tour, he realized that home was wherever felt right at a particular time. Besides freelancing, he's actively involved in the craft beer industry, and is often either brewing or organizing events.