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Best Travel Jackets With Hidden Pockets for Men and Women

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A good travel jacket is essential for life on the road, but one with a multitude of secret pockets is even better. Acting as both bag and coat, it certainly helps reduce the load. Plus, it keeps your belongings ultrasafe!

In this guide, we’ll show you precisely what purchase factors to consider and provide you with a detailed analysis of the six best travel jackets with hidden pockets.

Multi-Pocket Travel Jackets Overview

If you’ve ever lost your passport or had your bag stolen, you might be looking for a better storage solution for your more precious items. But is a jacket the best choice for you? Before we take a look at the best, let’s see why they’re seriously worth considering.

Benefits of a Travel Jacket With Hidden Pockets

Improved Security

Thieves easily lift bags and purses, and an expert can even steal from the inside pockets of a regular jacket. However, a reliable jacket will have several hidden pockets that protect you from even the best pickpockets. Placed in unconventional areas and secured with zips and RFID blockers, your valuables will be safe from stealing.

Travel Lighter

Heading out on a short trip and don’t want to take a backpack or purse with you? A jacket with a lot of pockets is a great solution. The best have space for larger items such as tablets and water bottles, meaning you can leave your backpack at home. Alternatively, if you’re planning to fly with just carry-on luggage and your bag is a little full, your pockets can take some of the load.

Better Organization

With a good travel jacket, you can store all your important and commonly used items in separate, easy to access pockets. So, no more rummaging through your bag at airport security when you need to show your passport.

What to Look for in a Good Travel Jacket With Hidden Pockets

Jackets with many pockets are all well and good, but there are several additional features to consider.

Number of Pockets

More isn’t always better. It depends entirely on what you’re planning to carry. On the one hand, if a jacket has too many pockets, it can become overloaded and awkward, while making it harder to find what you need. On the other hand, not enough pockets can result in not being able to fit everything in. Around 10 to 20 is a good number.

Organization and Weight Management

A variety of different sized pockets allows you to bring a wider array of items. The best jackets will spread larger pockets around, helping to distribute the weight better when carrying heavier items.


Water-proof and wind-proof materials are worth seeking out for harsher climates, while slash-resistance is a bonus in urban areas. The type of material also determines how warm it’ll keep you, with quilted fabrics and down-filled jackets being the best for cold weather.

Security Features

One of the main advantages of travel jackets with hidden pockets is that it keeps your valuables close to you. Some also offer zippable secret pockets with RFID blocking technology, stopping both pickpockets and digital thieves in their tracks.


The best jackets with hidden pockets don’t look out of place when you’re out in town and can be worn as a regular coat or hoodie. Utility jackets and vests might not look as sleek, but they often have more functionality.

Protective Features

If you plan to carry fragile items like sunglasses, tablets, and phones, make sure that they can be stowed in pockets that’ll prevent damage. Protective linings such as chamois or microfiber keep delicate surfaces safe from scratches.

Useful Extras

Removable sleeves and hoods transform a coat into a lightweight vest, while built-in gloves and hand warmers are ideal for colder weather. Other jackets focus on tech, with touch-sensitive pockets or plastic panels that allow you to use a smartphone without taking it out.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Travel Jacket

Not all travel clothing is made the same, and jackets, in particular, need careful consideration before purchasing.

Climate and Season

One of the most significant factors to consider is the weather you expect to face on your travels. While a heavyweight jacket is excellent in cold weather, it’ll be too much in warmer weather. Also, think about how long you’ll need it. If you’re staying in one location with seasons for a year or more, you’ll need a more versatile jacket that can function well in both cold and warm weather.

What Do You Need It For?

If you are wearing your jacket while hiking in the mountains, you’ll need to look for water and wind-proof options that won’t feel overloaded. Alternatively, a jacket you’ll wear in town might need to look more stylish while offering improved security features.

What Will You Carry in It?

Some jackets feature several small pockets that are great for concealing pens, makeup, and keys but don’t have the capacity for larger items like tablets. If you plan to use a jacket to replace a day pack, make sure it has an array of different sized pockets. When carrying your glasses, phone, and tablet, check for scratch-proof linings and extra padding to keep them safe.


If you plan to store a lot in your jacket, it’s worth considering buying a larger size. It’s easier to access all of the pockets in a slightly loose-fitting jacket, and it won’t feel tight when fully loaded. Be sure to check the size guide, but if in doubt, err on the side of caution and go larger rather than smaller.

The 3 Best Men’s Travel Jackets With Hidden Pockets

Now you know what to look for in the ideal travel jacket, let’s take a look at three of the best for men.

ScotteVest Revolution 2.0

Ultra versatile, the Revolution 2 is the ideal travel jacket for almost any environment. For colder climates, check out the quilted, slightly thicker Revolution Plus 2.0.


Plenty of pockets: with 25, there’s space for everything from your iPad to your keys.
Great for carrying tech: capable of fitting tablets and laptops up to 12.9”, plus smartphones as large as the iPhone XS Max, you can easily store everything you need for a day in the city.
Excellent organization: each large pocket is spread out to make it even easier to find what you need when you need it.
Versatile: with removable sleeves and hood, the jacket can transform into a lightweight utility vest with ease.
Weight management system: with smart pocket locations, you’ll never feel overloaded or unbalanced.
Water-resistant: made from 100% Teflon treated polyester, both you and your possessions will remain dry in case of rain.
Extra features: including a water bottle holder, cable management, headphone holders, a chamois pocket for eyeglasses, and an extendable keychain for added security.


No RFID blocker: which can leave you prone to attack from digital thieves. However, if you have a wallet or passport holder with an RFID blocker, this isn’t an issue.
Pocket linings are quite thin: care should be taken when storing items with sharp edges, such as keys or note pads.

You can find a great summary of the jacket here:

BOMBAX Travel Jacket

A firm favorite among travelers, the Bombax Travel Jacket is fantastic for long-distance travel, but works just as well for hiking and wearing around town. This 16-in-1 jacket is full of useful extra features and keeps your possessions hidden with supreme ingenuity.


Stylish: with a casual design, this jacket blends effortlessly into any environment.
Great for travel: featuring an in-built neck cushion, attached eye mask, hood, built-in gloves, and earphone holders, it’s the ultimate jacket for a comfortable journey.
Excellent storage: there’s space for a 10″ tablet, sunglasses, smartphone, portable charging bank, water bottle, notepad, and much more.
Protective materials: water-resistant and wind-proof, the outer shell stands up to the elements.
Safe and secure: 10 hidden pockets with strong zips keep your valuables secure and out of sight.
Great value: with features such as a stylus pen, cleaning cloth, gloves, and eye masks built-in, you can save a lot of money.


Sizes run small: be careful to use the supplied sizing guide when ordering, as these jackets are made to Asian size standards, and you’ll probably need to order larger.
Tech pockets are smaller: compared to other jackets on this list, with space for just a 10” tablet, you won’t be fitting your MacBook in this jacket.

AyeGear H13 Hoodie

For something a little more casual, the AyeGear H13 is a great option. While it looks like a standard hoodie at first glance, don’t be fooled, there’s plenty hidden within.


Urban look: with four colors to choose from, the H13 has a fantastic design that doesn’t look out of place or bulky, even when loaded. It’s excellent for hiking, city breaks, festivals, and everyday use alike.
Great for tech: a touch-sensitive pocket for smartphones lets you use your phone without taking it out, ideal on the move, or in bad weather. A large internal pocket can comfortably fit a 12″ Macbook or any type of tablet.
Discreet: the 13 hidden pockets are designed to avoid bulging, keeping your valuables well away from prying eyes.
Quality materials: made with splash-proof premium cotton, it can survive a light rain. Additionally, it’s breathable and wind-proof, keeping you comfortable.
Extra features: including three credit card slots, a secured water bottle holder, and safe pockets for valuable documents.


Not water-proof: the cotton will soon soak through in heavy rain, putting your tech at risk. However, a water-proof jacket can easily be worn over it.
Too warm for hot climates: cozy in the cold, but sweaty when it’s warm, it’s not ideal as the temperature goes up. However, the AyeGear V26 Vest is a top, hot weather choice.
Sizes run small: check the size guide before purchasing and if in doubt, go larger.

The 3 Best Women’s Travel Jackets With Hidden Pockets

Many women’s jackets come with woefully small pockets. Some say this is a ploy designed to sell more purses and handbags; others believe it’s meant to be more fashionable. Either way, the following jackets don’t suffer from this problem.

ScotteVest The Penny Coat

With 19 pockets, you certainly won’t need to carry a handbag with you, whether you’re heading out to work or a night out. The Penny Coat blends style with functionality, resulting in a superb jacket that looks great while holding all you need.


Secure: with durable, zippable interior security pockets, your possessions are safe from thieves. In fact, ScotteVest is so confident that they offer a pickpocket guarantee when you buy directly.
Great for tech: with space for two smartphones, and tablets up to 12.9″, you can find your work gear wherever you go. Hidden conduits and earphone holders ensure you can take calls or listen to music on the move while staying charged to your power bank.
Great for cold weather: water-resistant, wind-proof, and thick enough to keep the cold at bay, this is a superb fall/winter/spring jacket. The hood keeps you dry when you need it, but detaches if you prefer.
Weight management system: distributes the load, making it comfy to wear while preventing bulging.
Stylish: with an extended A-Line cut, it offers a figure-flattering fit and can be comfortably worn over cardigans and sweaters. Great for wearing into town.
Extra features: including chamois lined eyeglasses pocket, extendable keychain, water bottle holder, and discreet lipstick pocket in the sleeve.


Less suitable for warmer climates: while it’s an excellent choice for colder climates, you’ll get too hot as temperatures rise. In such circumstances, the ScotteVest standard is the right choice.
Only available in black: if you like colorful travel clothing, this isn’t the ideal choice for you.

BauBax Women’s Bomber Travel Jacket

As the most funded clothing project in history on numerous crowdfunding sites, the Swiss-army knife of travel wear is designed for comfy, convenient travel. This bomber jacket is both functional and stylish and comes with 15 in-built extras.


Ideal for travel: featuring an in-built neck cushion, eye mask, hood, built-in gloves, and earphone holders.
Excellent storage: there’s space for a tablet, sunglasses, smartphone, portable charging bank, water bottle, notepad, and much more.
Protective materials: water-resistant and wind-proof, the outer shell stands up to the elements, while quality inner fabrics keep you cozy.
Safe and secure: 10 hidden pockets keep your valuables secure and out of sight.
Great value: with features such as a stylus pen, microfiber cleaning cloth, gloves, and eye masks built-in, you can save a lot of money with this 15-in-1 jacket.
Simple design: stylish without standing out, it fits into any environment. The hood is detachable when you don’t need it.


Too light for winter: for icy weather, you’ll feel a little chilly in this jacket. If space allows, you may wear it over a sweater, though this can reduce comfort with full pockets.

BomBax Women’s Travel Jacket Hoodie

This travel hoodie is a versatile and casual choice full of features that rival standard jackets while offering supreme warmth and comfort.


Casual look: ideal for wearing while at the bar, hiking, working, or just relaxing at home.
Discreet tech pockets: space for a 10” tablet and a smartphone, as well as a charging bank to keep your kit running no matter how long you’re on the road.
Ideal for traveling: It features an inflatable neck pillow, hood, eye mask, earphone holders, and a convenient passport holder. Your journey will be a breeze!
Machine washable: easy to take care of and keep fresh no matter how much you use it.
Extra features: drinks holder, microfiber cleaning cloth for glasses or touchscreens, attached pen/stylus, sunglasses holder.
Fantastic value: one of the most affordable choices on our list, this jacket is a real bargain considering how much it offers.


Limited capacity for laptops: with space for just a 10″ tablet, you’ll still need to take a bag if you want to travel with a computer.
Not water-proof: while splash-proof, heavy rain will leave you, and your gear soaked. However, it can be worn under a water-proof jacket in bad weather.
Sizes run small: check their measuring guide before ordering, as sizes are Asian standard rather than US.

Wrapping Up

Having seen six great products, hopefully, you’re closer to making your choice. For us, the best travel jackets with hidden pockets are:

For men: ScotteVest Revolution 2.0

ScotteVest’s Revolution 2.0 takes the top spot due to its sheer versatility, making it great for everything from hiking to a night out. In warm weather, it can easily be worn as a utility vest, and if the conditions change, simply reattach the sleeves and hood. With 25 pockets and ample space for a 12.9″ laptop, charging bank, and two smartphones, it’s ideal for working on the go.

For women: ScotteVest The Penny Coat

The ScotteVest Penny Coat edges out the competition even though it’s predominantly a cold-weather jacket. It delivers bags of style compared to the competition, making it an excellent jacket for any occasion. When you do need to carry a lot, the 19 pockets will keep you organized, while the patented weight management system keeps it comfortable.

It’s a tough call, but both of these products deliver an excellent all-round performance.

Finally, both these jackets offer the ScotteVest pickpocket guarantee, so you can be confident that your pockets are secured.