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Lily Bloom Luggage Review

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For most people, their luggage is one of those things they probably don’t pay too much attention to. It’s mostly just … there, at least until it breaks, or something goes wrong. Then, all of a sudden, it’s chaos.

Now, if you travel a whole bunch more than most average people, there’s a decent chance you’ve already considered how important your luggage is. There’s an awful lot of companies making luggage out there, and let’s be honest, a lot of it is kinda the same.

Enter Lily Bloom, an environmentally conscious, and damn good, handbag, accessory and luggage company.

But why exactly should you choose Lily Bloom luggage when traveling the world?

The Pros and Cons of Lily Bloom Luggage


High quality, tough and well made.
Amazing looks, with gorgeous, distinctive designs that will catch everyone’s eye.
Socially aware, using recycled materials.
Long term warranty, with 5 years on most products, 2 on hard cases.


Cases can be hard to move on rough surfaces.
Fabric covers show dirt and damage a little more than normal.

The Verdict

Lily Bloom is a great brand with a fantastic, environmentally safe message, and there’s a whole lot of reasons to buy their products. Realistically, every one of the products we looked at were great, but for most people their 28” softsided case is pretty much perfect. It’s tough, well built, offers a huge amount of packing room, and comes in just so many colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find a style you fall in love with!

Why Should You Buy Lily Bloom Luggage?

Lily Bloom is distinctive

This is the first thing you, or anyone else looking at your luggage will notice, and might have been what attracted you to the brand in the first place.

Let’s not lie, Lily Bloom makes some gorgeous bags. Almost everything in their selection comes in a huge range of prints. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s loud and striking, or cute and feminine, you’re gonna find something that you love to look at.

That means wherever you go, you’re going to draw admiring glances. It’s also gonna look great in photos, and one last plus, you’re never gonna lose your luggage on the baggage carousel!

Lily Bloom is environmentally conscious

If it wasn’t the designs, you probably found Lily Bloom because of this.

Amazing as it seems, all Lily Bloom stuff, whether that be handbags, soft cases, even their hardtops, are all made from their signature material, KARMA, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

On top of that, all Lily Bloom Luggage is biodegradable, meaning that you don’t have to feel bad once it finally gives in and you gotta replace it.

We do feel like it’s right to tell you that, for the purpose of keeping you safe, formaldehyde is added as a disinfectant after a bag is produced. You might wanna bear that in mind when making your purchase.

Lily Bloom luggage is really well designed

Even though it’s not the most expensive brand, Lily Bloom luggage is surprisingly good quality.

First off, every piece of luggage is designed with durability in mind. Everything that sees constant use, so the grips, handles and supporting rods, are all reinforced to take the impacts and stresses of travel.

That means you won’t have to worry about burst seams when it comes off the plane, and don’t have to be so concerned about jamming all your stuff inside and worrying if it’s gonna burst.

Second, Lily Bloom has made a whole bunch of smart design choices with every piece, giving you ample storage space and loads of smart ways to store your stuff. But we’ll get into that when we get into our reviews.

Plus, because of the material they’re made from, Lily Bloom bags are completely washable, including being machine washable. So don’t worry, as long as you look after them, they’ll last years.

Lily Bloom luggage tends to have loads of storage room

In every bag we looked at, all our Lily Bloom cases were packed full of storage.

First off, each bag has decent internal dimensions, and most of the bags we checked out were also expandable, so that’s good.

Plus, each bag had a huge amount of storage options, with smartly placed internal and external pockets everywhere. Honestly, no matter which bag you get, you’re never going to struggle to find places to put your stuff, and you’ll be able to sort your valuables and travel essentials damn near instantly.

Is Anything Bad About Lily Bloom Luggage?

Lily Bloom’s rollers aren’t the best

It’s a minor point, but across the whole range, Lily Bloom’s choice of roller wheels for most of their luggage tend to perform really well on flat, solid surfaces like airport flooring and normal streets, but sometimes to struggle on fabrics and carpets.

Lily Bloom bags might need a little looking after

Because they’re so gorgeous, luggage like this might show damage more obviously than normal, boring bags. Plus, if you look at customer reviews, every so often there’s a bad one complaining about the quality, but they’re so rare it honestly wouldn’t enter our minds if we were buying this brand.

Lily Bloom Luggage Reviews

To make this review as objective as possible, I scouted the internet for other travelers’ opinions about the brand. To my surprise, Lily Bloom even received 5-star ratings from airline employees!

Lily Bloom User Reviews

Our Top-Rated Products

Lily Bloom Expandable 28” Aquarium Life Bag – the best choice overall

Luggage type: Soft side rolling luggage

Dimensions: 29.5” x 18.2” x 12.8”

Weight: 10.1lbs (4.6kg)

Internal capacity: 112l

Lightweight, with a massive amount of internal room, this bag will take everything you can throw at it. Made from Lily Bloom’s patented recycled plastic fabric, it’s eco-friendly as well as absolutely stunning, and available in more than a dozen striking designs, including the always popular Lily Bloom Cat luggage and Lily Bloom On The Prowl luggage prints.

First off, let’s look at the reason you’re buying Lily Bloom’s Aquarium Life Bag. To store all your stuff. In that regard, it performs fantastically, with around 100 liters of internal space, before you open the expansion zips. If you need to, you can extend that to another 12 liters, giving you a huge amount of space.

Three internal pockets, one large that runs across the inside of the entire lid, and two that sit on top of the rest of your stuff, give you a lot of ways to organize everything. These are backed up by two external pockets, one large and one small, which are simple to access, so great for things you need to grab on the go.

Despite the size, the Aquarium Life Bag is easy to move around, because of the 4 multidirectional spinner wheels. These wheels are specifically wide set, to give you a stable base no matter what surface you’re on, and it also makes it really easy to pull even when it’s fully loaded down with all your stuff

It’s also deceptively light, at a sprightly 10.1lbs, (4.5kg,) so it’s not going to eat up your valuable weight limit like some cases would. But that’s not a reason to think it’s weak, as all the structural rods, the handles and the wheels are built from reinforced materials. Even if something does go wrong, there’s a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty that will keep you covered.

The only real downside to this bag? Because there’s so much space, it’s actually quite easy to overpack. Even just buying a new outfit or some gifts for friends and family can easily add a few pounds and put you over. So make sure you weigh all your luggage before your flights, as it’s surprising how quick stuff adds up.

The final verdict is simple. If you’re looking for a case that will accompany you around the world, that’s big enough to take all your luggage, and tough enough to survive no matter where you take it, whilst looking fabulous into the bargain, buy yourself one of these cases. You won’t regret

Lily Bloom 15” Wildwoods Designer Bag – the best choice for your carry on

Luggage type: Wheeled hand luggage

Dimensions: 15” x 13” x 8.5”

Weight: 4lbs (1.8kg)

Internal capacity: 25l

So many pockets. Seriously. For a bag so tiny, the amount of storage room is incredible. 4 exterior and 2 interior pockets allow you to arrange everything perfectly, meaning that all your stuff is exactly where you need it, when you need it.

On top of that, it’s small enough and light enough to be used as a comfy day bag, making this the perfect accompaniment to the rest of your luggage. The Wildwoods Designer Bag is as well perfectly sized to fit with all standard airline carry on regulations. In fact, it’s actually small enough to fit under your seat even if you don’t get overhead storage. This is especially great when you’re doing multiple short flights and just want to get in and out of the airport ASAP.

Despite the compact size, there’s a lot packed into this bag. First off, the construction is as good as we’d expect from Lily Bloom, and the price tag. It’s solidly made, tough, and every single aspect is smartly created. Plus, it’s gorgeous, and comes in so many popular, quirky designs, like the Lily Bloom Furry Friends luggage print, so you’ll always find something to match your style.

It is also easy to use. The telescopic push button handle is excellent, really easy to hold, and won’t really hurt your hand even when you’ve been pulling it for the whole day. There are also two grab handles on top, which make it easy to carry when you can’t wheel it around.

If you’ve got multiple bags, the built-in back strap allows this bag to hang over the rest of your luggage, making it simple to move around even if you’ve got a second Lily Bloom carry-on luggage and a large stowage bag.

The Wildwoods Designer Bag only got two wheels, which are fixed, rather than the spinners most Lily Bloom bags have. But because of the small size of the bag and the single handle, it’s simple to drag behind you and dart through crowds.

As for how much it stores? Well, the internal capacity is around 25 liters, which is good for a bag of this size. But what stands out is the extra storage space. Three large external pockets, as well as a small front mounted one for papers and passes, give you loads of room to get organized.

When you need it, the bag opens up instantly, with a pair of zips that divide the front down into a U shape. Inside, there’s a specific toiletry compartment, with clear plastic and instant zipper access, so you can store all of your liquids and consumables in arms reach.

Like most Lily Bloom bags, it’s covered by a 5-year warranty, but because this is so compact and you’re going to be carrying it with you, if you look after this, it’ll last years.

The only real downside of this bag is that it’s going to struggle to take larger laptops, so if you’re a professional who relies on their tech, it’s worth checking if your gear is going to fit inside this before you buy it. But again, that’s only for the biggest laptops. Standard Macs, iPads and everything else will slip right in.

So, in short, if you need a day bag, night bag, or a compact carry on, this is almost the perfect choice. The only reason not to ever buy it is if you need something just slightly larger.

Lily Bloom 24” Beach House Hardsider – the best hardside luggage

Luggage type: Hardside rolling luggage

Dimensions: 25.8” x 16.7” x 10.3”

Weight: 8.2lbs (3.7kgs)

Internal capacity: 70l

Classy, pretty and incredibly robust, this clamshell hard sided piece of luggage is perfect if you have a lot of valuables that won’t fit in your hand luggage. If security and toughness are what you’re looking for, hardshell luggage is perfect. Realistically though, for most people it’s kind of overkill, and if we were looking to buy one piece of stowed luggage, we would look at the other choices on this list first.

However, if you do need a hardshell case, there’s so many reasons to choose this one.

First off, it has a lot of storage space. At 24 inches, it’s only medium sized, but packs a lot inside. With the standard suite of internal pockets, there’s a lot of places to store your gear, but no external storage, so make sure your carry on has somewhere you can access for passports and stuff.

Two internal pockets, one mesh zipped that’s perfect for accessible storage, and one full pocket that runs the entire inside of the lid. There is also a smart pocket that’s built into a custom flap which is perfectly sized for all of your valuables. Sitting on top of all of the rest of your luggage, you can get to whatever you put inside pretty much instantly.

The clamshell design zips up down the side, which makes it real easy to close even when it’s full. But bear in mind that it’s completely non-expandable, so you want to make sure that you can fit everything inside before you go.

In terms of design, there’s a lot to love. The Beach House Hardsider is as distinctive as every other Lily Bloom case, so it’s gonna stand out no matter where you are. The bright, cute art print aesthetic is gorgeous, especially offset with the chocolate colored furniture, like the ergonomic handles and wheels.

Amazingly, it’s not actually any heavier than the soft cases, which for something this tough is really incredible. It also makes it deceptively easy to move, even when it’s fully packed and at maximum weight. Especially with the 4-corner mounted 360-degree wheels, which skate easily over hard surfaces. Just bear in mind the standard issues with Lily Bloom spinners and soft flooring.

Even though the Beach House Hardsider is so light, it doesn’t feel cheap. As a hardside case, it should take all the lumps and bumps life, and travel, throws at you. Even if something does go wrong, it’s covered by Lily Bloom’s warranty, though their hardside cases only have 2 years, rather than the exceptional 5 you see on the rest of their range.

One thing to consider is that this piece is a little too big to function as a carry on, but there is a carry on 20” hardsider available in the same design that’s a perfect accompaniment, with all the same benefits.

Lily Bloom 4 Piece Bliss Collection – the best luggage set

Luggage type: Luggage set

L 29.5” x 18.2” x 12.8”
M 25.5” x 16.2” x 11.7”
S 21.5” x 14”x 9”

L 10.1lbs (4.6kg)
M 8.9lbs (4kg)
S 7.8lbs (3.5kg)

Internal capacity:
L 100l
M 69l
S 35l

As a complete luggage set, this kit has everything you need, whether you’re going for a quick weekend jump or an entire year away.

You get four separate pieces, starting with a 20-inch bag that’s sized perfectly as a carry on, as well as the larger 24” and 28” bags which give you a huge amount of stowage space. On top of this, there’s also a tote, which is perfect as a day bag that you can just carry around with you when you need it.

To point out the obvious, yes, the biggest case in this set is the same as our top choice.

That’s intentional. Realistically, the 28” case is the single best option for travelers, because of the amount of space, excellent quality all round, and really reasonable cost.

But sometimes you need a little more. Maybe you’re planning on staying somewhere longer term and making a home base. Perhaps you want to share your purchase with a friend or family member. Maybe you’ve just got a lot of stuff.

Either way, if you need more Lily Bloom in your life. (And you probably do,) then there’s a lot of reasons to buy this set.

First off, you make really big savings. Right now, if our math is right, buying the 4 Piece Bliss Collection essentially gets you one of these bags for basically free. That’s a wild saving.

Second, each bag is excellent. All three pieces of luggage are fully expandable and give you over 200 liters of volume in total, which is crazy. You could bring the contents of your home office, bedroom, kitchen, and still have more space left over. (Maybe not weight though.)

The fully lined exteriors (in hot pink!) are stuffed full of pockets, giving you tons of space to play with. When it comes to security, the solid feeling double zips lock with any standard padlock to keep your belongings safe.

Every bag of the Bliss Collection is covered by a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, but Lily Bloom bags tend to be really well made, so unless something awful happens to your cases, they’re gonna be fine.

Lastly, depending on which set you get, you either get a tote or a duffel bag in the same quirky style, so be careful which one you pick up if you’ve got your eye on one or the other. Also make sure to double check your styles. There is nothing like getting a Lily Bloom Forest Owl Luggage set when you wanted cat prints!