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An In-Depth Skyway Luggage Review

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Quality luggage is a must when you spend a lot of time traveling. But it’s heartbreaking to pay thousands for travel gear, only for it to get destroyed before you even arrive at your destination. Finding reliable luggage at an affordable price can be tricky, but we’ll prove that it is possible with this Skyway Luggage review.

The Pros and Cons of Skyway Luggage


Stylish: with a range of vintage designs, you can travel in style without spending hundreds of dollars.
Lightweight: Skyway Luggage offers an ultra-portable range of suitcases that are easy to maneuver.
Variety: There are many options, from carry-on backpacks to rolling checked-in luggage, plus a number of different designs and styles.
Durable: Skyway Luggage is made from quality materials such as rip-stop fabric and strong zippers that will last for years.
Warranty and repairs: Each product is covered by the company’s 5 to 10-year warranty, while their service center keeps your luggage in top shape.


Limited features: At this price point, most Skyway Luggage products aren’t as packed full of features as more expensive options.
Unstable: Due to their lightweight design, some products are not as sturdy as other options and can be prone to tipping when fully loaded.

The Verdict

Anyone looking for quality luggage at an affordable price would do well to consider Skyway Luggage. Durable materials are used and backed up by the company’s warranty and service center. Specializing in light-weight luggage, you’ll find a number of ultra-mobile options that are a joy to travel with.

They offer a wide range of baggage so you can be sure to find what you need, whether it’s Skyway carry-on luggage or wheeled suitcases. Available in a number of vintage and more simple designs, it’s unlikely that you’ll find anything that looks better for less than $150.

The brand’s Whidbey collection epitomizes everything Skyway Luggage excels at, and the Skyway Whidbey 28-Inch Rolling Duffel is a top-choice. Not only does it look fantastic with its vintage style, but it’s also a practical choice.

All in all, Skyway products are ideal for the type of traveler who values practicality over features and is looking for affordable yet stylish luggage.

Why Should You Buy Skyway Luggage?

While we’ve taken a look at the basics, you might still be wondering ‘is Skyway Luggage a good brand?’. Before we delve into some reviews, let’s take a balanced look at exactly what’s on offer.


Skyway has been creating quality luggage in Seattle since 1910, and in over 100-years of business, they’ve pioneered several innovative designs. Taking pride in their product, each suitcase, backpack, and travel accessory is covered by their in-house warranty. Additionally, their service center takes care of repairs large and small, replacing Skyway Luggage parts, so you don’t have to replace your favorite suitcase.

Full Range

Skyway provides a wide variety of options to suit the needs of any type of traveler. They offer both checked-in and carry-on luggage available in soft or hard shell materials. There are also numerous size options, so you can find the ideal luggage for anything from a weekend away to a year around the world. As well as their popular range of wheeled options, you can also find duffle bags, backpacks, and even totes. Finally, they offer a variety of lightweight and ultra lightweight luggage.

Excellent Build Quality

From Skyway hardside luggage to their backpacks, quality, durable materials are used throughout. Outer shell materials are typically made from tear-resistant fabrics or strong ABS polymer, while zippers are sturdy enough to last for years. You won’t have to worry about Skyway Luggage wheel replacement either, with all wheels, handles, and straps as sturdy as the shell. If for any reason there is a fault however, the Skyway service center will endeavor to repair it.

As well as being durable, each product is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. Soft-grip handles and any-direction wheels are featured as standard across much of their range where applicable.

Vintage Designs

Benefitting from over 100 years of experience, Skyway Luggage offers several collections that showcase a vintage style. The Whidbey and Kennewick ranges are good examples that feature classic looks paired with modern technology.

Is There Anything Bad About Skyway Luggage?

The most affordable Skyway bags lack some of the features of more expensive options, such as lockable zips, additional compartments, and extra straps.

There are also the occasional manufacturing faults, though these are not very common according to reviews for most of the range. Regardless, such faults are typically covered by the warranty.

When fully packed, some models can be prone to tipping over or wobbling, and become a little difficult to maneuver. However, this issue seems to only impact the lightest Skyway Luggage.

Skyway Luggage Reviews

While researching Skyway, I went over a variety of reviews, the majority of which were positive, praising in particular how lightweight Skyway Luggage is.

For the most part, build quality and durability are also appreciated, though there are occasional negative reviews regarding tears, faulty handles, and broken zippers. However, such feedback is the exception rather than the rule.

Skyway Reviews

Our Top-Rated Products

Having reviewed the brand as a whole, we’ve seen both the strengths and weaknesses. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular Skyway Luggage currently on the market.

Whidbey 28-Inch Rolling Duffel

  • Luggage Type: Checked Duffle Bag
  • Dimensions: 14 x 28 x 14 inches 
  • Weight: 9.2 pounds
  • Material: Rip-stop 500D polyester

Showcasing the vintage Skyway Luggage style, the Whidbey Rolling Duffel is ideal for longer trips overseas and is our top choice. Indeed, the sheer amount of items you can fit into this luggage is one of its major pluses. At just slightly more than $100, it’s more expensive than other Skyway Luggage, but is still extremely affordable.


Boasting an impressive interior that consists of several compartments and pockets, you’ll certainly have no problems with space. There are also 2 large external pockets, one on each end, as well as one smaller pouch on the front.


When you’ve got lots to pack, it’s good to be organized. This is no problem with the Skyway Whidbey Rolling Duffel. It offers 2 main packing spaces — the bottom one features water-resistant material, ideal for separating damp items. Alternatively, you can unzip them to create one larger packing space. There are also several pouches inside to help separate your smaller items. A pair of shoes will fit effortlessly in one of the external pockets, saving even more space inside.


With just 2-wheels rather than 4, the Whidbey Rolling Duffel doesn’t move quite as easily as other Skyway products. However, the wheels perform well on numerous surfaces, and the telescopic handle makes it easy to control. In addition to the dual carry handles, you’ll also find top and bottom handles, so moving it from place to place is a breeze.


Made from extra-durable 500D polyester, the Whidbey Rolling Duffel is made of tougher stuff than other options. Double stitching, and quality handles and straps ensure many years of use, all backed up by a 10-year warranty. Finally, 2 sturdy protective skid rails prevent tears while the bag is laying down.

Mirage Superlight 24-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright

  • Luggage Type: Checked suitcase
  • Dimensions: 9 x 23 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 6.9 pounds
  • Material: Ripstop fabric

The Mirage collection showcases just how versatile Skyway lightweight luggage can be. The 24-inch version is ultra-light and extremely affordable. Designed for trips of around 5-days, it’s ideal for long weekends, city breaks, and business conferences.


Perhaps the key feature of the Skyway Mirage is how light it is. When it’s empty you’ll barely feel it, and when it’s filled, you’ll be able to maneuver it with ease. Paired with a generous interior, you can pack more without weighing yourself down.

Convenient and Comfortable Control

With 4 multi-directional wheels, a telescopic handle, and side and top carry handles, keeping control of the Skyway Mirage is easy. The rolling wheels function well on a variety of surfaces and glide in any direction. Additionally, all the handles have comfortable grips.

Great Organization

The main compartment is extremely spacious so you can fit all you need with ease. Self-adjusting tie-down straps are also included, helping you keep your possessions secure during transit. Besides the main compartment, there are also a number of interior and exterior pockets and pouches. Finally, the Skyway Mirage Superlight 24” expands with the pull of a zipper if you need a little extra space.


Coming in at under $100, the Skyway Mirage Superlight 24” is among the most affordable luggage on the market. You pay a little less if you opt for black rather than red or blue, but either way you certainly won’t break the bank. Compared to its competitors, it offers the best balance of quality and price; it doesn’t skimp on quality materials, but it isn’t overly expensive either.

Kennewick Carry-On, 21-Inch

  • Luggage type: Softside carry-on
  • Dimensions: 9 x 15 x 21 inches
  • Weight: 5.79 pounds
  • Material: Ripstop fabric

The Kennewick Carry-on proves that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on luggage if you want to travel in style. Akin to the vintage Skyway Luggage of yesteryear in terms of design, it looks stunning and comes in at a great price. Light, easy to maneuver, and spacious, it’s ideal for shorter trips or to complement larger checked-luggage.


With a vintage look paired with modern features, the Skyway Kennewick Carry-On oozes style. It’s available in 2 color options, Cypress Green and Sunset Grey. Racing stripes and chunky zips round the aesthetics off.

Lightweight and Portable

The Skyway Kennewick is another lightweight option that is easy to carry or roll in any environment. The multi-stage retractable handle allows you to use it in the way that is most convenient for you. Meanwhile, top and side carry handles make it easy to move to and from the overhead bins. Again, all the handles are padded for extra comfort.


You can fit a lot into this carry-on luggage, while extra pockets and pouches help you keep yourself organized. It’s also expandable so you never need to worry about fitting everything in. However, compared to other carry-on bags, the Skyway Kennewick is slightly larger, and some reviewers claim it doesn’t always meet the size restrictions, particularly on budget airlines.


For luggage that looks so good, you’d expect a much bigger price tag, however, the Skyway Kennewick Carry-on comes in at under $100. Again, it doesn’t compromise on quality and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Eastlake Convertible Four-Way Carry-On

  • Luggage type: Carry-On Backpack
  • Dimensions: 7.25 x 20 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Material: Ripstop fabric

Ultra versatile, lightweight, and affordable, the Eastlake Convertible is a great choice for short trips. It’s also excellent to have alongside checked luggage on longer trips to use as a daypack. Since the Eastlake collection comprises the Skyway Luggage Set, it’s designed to fit snugly with their larger checked bags.


As the name suggests, the Eastlake Convertible Four-Way can be configured in 4 different ways, so you’ll always find the best fit for you. It can be carried like a briefcase, worn like a backpack, used with the shoulder strap, or stacked on rolling luggage using the trolley handle strap.

Tech Friendly

With a padded laptop compartment, lockable zippers, and weather and abrasion resistant materials, the Eastlake Convertible keeps your tech protected. It makes a good day pack for digital nomads or is ideal for short business trips.


This is another extremely lightweight bag from Skyway. It folds up small enough to pack in checked luggage with ease, making it an ideal overflow bag if needed. If you’ll use it as hand-luggage, it’s easy to carry and store beneath your seat or in the overhead compartment.


For a lightweight carry-on bag, the Eastlake Convertible Four-Way is surprisingly spacious. The main compartment easily fits a couple of days’ worth of clothes. There are separate pockets and pouches for toiletries, tech, and more.


Skyway Luggage excel in providing lightweight, high quality products at an unbeatable price. They offer a wide range of baggage to suit any need and style. While they may lack some of the features of more expensive brands, their luggage out-performs and out-lasts many other budget options — and even some more expensive brands.

As a company that has been making luggage for over 100 years, you can be sure that they’re at the top of their game. With a generous warranty on all of their products, you can rest assured that you’re making a good choice with Skyway Luggage.

For us, the Skyway Whidbey 28-Inch Rolling Duffel is a fantastic example of what the company stands for: quality, style, comfort, and a great price.