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Timberland Luggage Review

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For those of us who like to travel off the beaten path, finding suitable luggage can be a challenge. Products from many designer brands are too delicate for exposure to the elements, which is what prompted me to look for some more outdoorsy options.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at Timberland Luggage, one of a few well-known brands worth considering in the rugged suitcase market.

We’ll explore a few of their products, how they stack up against competitors and more.

The Pros and Cons of Timberland Luggage


Build quality. Many of the brand’s hardside suitcases are made from thick ABS plastic and moving parts tend to have very tight tolerances.
Variety. If you want luggage that looks very rugged, Timberland has several options worth considering. They also, however, have luggage that looks more ‘standard.’
Bang for your buck. Timberland Luggage isn’t perfect but it holds up very well compared to similarly-priced options from other brands.
Deals abound. It’s not hard to find Timberland Luggage products priced at 20% or more off MSRP.


Aesthetics. For some consumers, even the sleeker Timberland Luggage designs are a bit too bulky. The brand’s aesthetic is unabashedly masculine.
Warranty. A third party, Randa Luggage, handles warranty claims. Some consumers may not appreciate this.

The Verdict

Timberland Luggage sets and individual suitcases, overall, fulfill their intended purpose. That focus is offering relatively affordable yet rugged suitcase options for travelers.

Each product I looked at had decent build quality and felt like a bargain considering the cost of comparable luggage from other brands. Timberland includes a few nice touches on many of their suitcases, including side handles and side feet.

If you like this level of utility, the Timberland 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set is worth taking a look at.

While I personally appreciate the blocky and rugged aesthetic that this suitcase (and most products from the brand) exude, it’s understandably not for everyone.

Also, some people may not like the large “TIMBERLAND” branding that often adorns the company’s products. This isn’t exclusive to Timberland’s suitcases, though; it’s a consistent design cue among all their products and, evidently, it suits many people just fine.

Why Should You Buy Timberland Luggage?

You Like The Timberland Brand & What It’s Become

Due to Timberland’s aforementioned heavy branding on its luggage, it stands to reason that the company’s ideal customer is one who appreciates what it represents.

Timberland is, first and foremost, a producer of rugged outdoor attire. They’re best known for their work boots.

Timberland Iconic Boot
Timberland’s iconic work boot – the start of mega brand

In the 1990s, Timberland became a crossover success, so to speak, becoming associated with hip hop culture.

This association is still strong within many people’s minds. In fact, if you see someone who’s not a construction worker or outdoorsy type sporting Timberland products, they’re likely trying to conjure up this association.

Utility Is A Priority

A Timberland Luggage review would be remiss to focus entirely on the brand’s cultural significance. While many brands would have leaned into this significance and abandoned their original focus, Timberland has survived in part because it didn’t do this.

The company has maintained its utilitarian aesthetic, which can clearly be seen in its luggage. Some of the most popular Timberland Luggage designs are downright militaristic, catering towards people who appreciate the tactical aesthetic over something more refined.

Storage Space Abounds

Even Timberland carry-on luggage can feel cavernous compared to similarly-sized offerings from other brands. This is great if you want to avoid packing multiple suitcases. Timberland’s suitcases also tend to have plenty of compartments for storing your miscellaneous items.

Prices Are Competitive

Timberland hardside luggage and carry-on items are priced competitively considering the brand’s notability. Other brands renowned for their utilitarian luggage tend to offer them at many multiples above what Timberland does.

Overall, Timberland represents good value for money in the affordable luggage space.

Is Anything Bad About Timberland Luggage?

While Timberland as a whole is a staple within hip hop culture, that applies more to their boots and clothing than their luggage. This may be a downside if you’re looking to capitalize on that association.

Your choice of colors is also limited. Timberland hardside luggage comes in black, varying shades of green, and bright orange. Timberland carry-on luggage is a bit more varied but you’re still limited to rustic, outdoorsy hues.

Again, this is certainly a plus for some people. However, if you’re a fashionista who likes to color-coordinate their outfit to match the latest trends, Timberland Luggage would make that challenging.

One last downside to mention is that Timberland Luggage warranty claims are handled by a third party, Randa Luggage. Every major brand has occasional quality control issues and some Timberland buyers have expressed difficulty reaching satisfactory resolutions with Randa Luggage.

Thankfully, those issues seem to be rare — but it’s still worth noting.

Timberland Luggage Reviews

Timberland Luggage reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few Amazon comments for the three-piece set mentioned earlier.

As you can see, even people who have complaints about the lack of color options and the occasional quality control issue are generally satisfied with their purchase.

Negative reviews are centered on more serious quality control issues. A few people have complained about their Timberland suitcase cracking or losing rubber feet on long-haul flights. While it seems to be rare, cracks can happen with any ABS plastic suitcase under rough handling.

Our Top-Rated Products

Now that we’ve thoroughly explored Timberland Luggage as a brand, let’s take a closer look at a few of their most popular products.

Timberland 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Luggage type: Three-piece set

Large: 28.5 x 20 x 12.5 inches
Middle: 24.5 x 17 x 10.5 inches
Small: 20.5 x 14 x 9 inch

Large: 10.85 pounds
Middle: 8.70 pounds
Small: 7.25 pounds

I’ve mentioned this set a few times, so we might as well start off here.

I’d consider this to be the option most worth considering within Timberland Luggage’s lineup. With it, you get two check-in suitcases and one carry-on. All have an identical rugged design, save for the lack of a side handle on the smallest suitcase.

The distinctiveness of the design makes this set especially worth considering if you’re like me and hate having to try and pick your luggage out from dozens of identical ones on the carousel.

The textured ABS each suitcase is made from adds to the overall feeling and look of ruggedness.

The push-button trolley handles feel sturdy and are designed in such a way that makes pulling each suitcase comfortable. Another nice touch is the side-handle present on the 24.5-inch and 28.5-inch suitcases, although it would have been nice to see this on the 20.5-inch as well.

One thing I would have liked to see at this price point is a wheel design featuring two wheels per spinner. Currently, these suitcases only have one wheel per spinner, which can make it difficult to get good traction on some types of flooring, such as carpet.

Nonetheless, this is overall a good option if you’re looking for a three-piece luggage set that’s rugged and comes in at a reasonable cost.

Timberland Boscawen Luggage 3-Piece Set

Luggage type: Three-piece set

Large: 28.5 x 20 x 12.5 inches
Middle: 24.5 x 17 x 10.5 inches
Small: 20.5 x 14 x 9 inches

Large: 10.85 pounds
Middle: 8.70 pounds
Small: 7.25 pounds

It may sound odd but this set’s design reminds me of Otterbox phone cases. The luggage gives off a similar rugged feel and features dramatically textured ABS.

There’s a great deal of crossover between the intended audiences of the previously-mentioned set and this one. They both have the same exact dimensions and the two larger sizes feature three handles (trolley, top, and side).

In fact, this set is so similar to the last that you’re only likely to lean strongly towards one or the other based on subtle aesthetic differences.

The Timberland Boscawen Luggage Set is a likely choice for those who looked at the previous set and thought, “hm, not rugged enough.”

Because this set is so much more rugged and bulky, though, it would have been nice to have a side handle on the 20.5-inch suitcase. The top handle, though well built, can place your hand in an awkward position with your knuckles rubbing up against the bulky ABS.

Timberland Twin Mountain Luggage Rolling Duffle Bag

Luggage type: Rolling duffle bag

Dimensions: Comes in 22, 24, 26, 28, and 30-inch heights (width ranging from 9-13 inches)

Weight: 9.02 pounds

In addition to textured ABS suitcases, Timberland produces several polyester duffle bags. The Timberland Twin Mountain Luggage Rolling Duffle Bag is among the best of these.

The Twin Mountain Rolling Duffle Bag is primarily suited towards recreational travelers.

One major benefit with polyester is that it won’t crack in the same way ABS under pressure can. This is an advantage if you know you’re going to be cramming your suitcase into tight spaces frequently.

Speaking of which, you’ll have a tough time fitting larger version of this suitcase into some overhead bins but it’s sturdy enough that I wouldn’t have any hesitations about having it checked in instead.

Another thing to note about this duffle bag is that its wheel design is entirely in-line. There are no spinners here. They do have rubber shock absorbers, which is a nice touch, but you won’t be able to turn on a dime as you would with a spinner design.

This shouldn’t be a huge concern if you’re checking this bag in but it’s something to be aware of.

The bag’s appearance clearly speaks to its intended audience: outdoorsy types. Its colors (save for the blueish “Dark Sapphire”) are all earthy and the bag has a very sporty aesthetic. This makes it primarily suited towards people who dress casually and are looking for a good air travel bag that also wouldn’t be overkill for a weekend road trip.

Solid water resistance adds to this utility, with contents remaining dry in moderate rainfall.

Timberland Luggage Jay Peak Wheeled Duffle Bag

Luggage type: Rolling duffle bag

Dimensions: 32 x 14 x 14 inches

Weight: 9.55 pounds

To close this review section out, here’s a look at another rolling duffle bag. The Timberland Luggage Jay Peak Wheeled Duffle Bag is a tall and slender version of the previous model with a few other tweaks.

For one, the bag features side carry handles that allow you to hold it horizontally like a traditional duffle bag. This is nice for maneuvering your suitcase while it’s open.

The design is certainly sporty but the lack of bag clips and some other outdoorsy features may make it more versatile than the previous option. The bag’s lined interior is big enough to hold at least a week’s worth of clothing, with smaller compartments making room for smaller miscellaneous items.

At 32 inches tall, the Timberland Luggage Jay Peak Wheeled Duffle Bag may be more comfortable for taller people to wheel around than shorter luggage. That height makes it prohibitive for carry-on luggage, though. For that reason, if you’re looking for a carry-on, you might be better off considering one of the smaller versions of the aforementioned duffle bag.

As with that bag, the Jay Peak version isn’t ideal for people who dress ultra-formally while traveling. It suits more casual attire, including golf wear.


Timberland Luggage is a competitively-priced brand offering good, rugged suitcases and duffle bags.

While people who dress more formally would be better off looking elsewhere, Timberland Luggage does fulfill a valuable need. If your travel takes you beyond posh hotels that won’t so much as scratch your designer luggage, Timberland’s suitcases are a worthy consideration.

Their hardside cases are made from textured ABS, which is durable and more confidence-inspiring than some other options around this price point.

To learn more about the Timberland 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set, our top pick from this collection, click below.