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15 Best Podcasts for Digital Nomads

The most successful digital nomads are those that keep on learning and adapting. But it can be difficult to find time for traditional study or even reading lengthy blog posts. Fortunately, podcasts make it easy to hear new ideas and fresh perspectives from experts and beginners across an array of different fields.

Here are 15 of the best.

The Digital Nomad Quest Podcast with Sharon Tseung

Anyone interested in passive income streams can learn a vast amount from Sharon Tseung. In 2016, she quit her job and traveled around the world for two years. During that time, she learned how to earn over $4k a month with minimal effort. This podcast will teach you how to become financially free and create your own passive income streams. Sharon also speaks about the realities of life on the road as a digital nomad and offers insights into growing your business. The episodes range from 3-minute snapshots to fully-fledged hour-long shows, with the occasional guest.

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Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast

Brought to you by two digital nomad-ing masters, Scott Paton and Ricky Shetty have spent decades on the road. Not only are they experts in financial independence and long-term travel, but Ricky has done it all in the company of his wife and children. The two perspectives are fascinating to hear, and the pair bounce stories and ideas of one another throughout the show. They’re often accompanied by a guest to discuss a wide variety of topics, such as how to become an expert in a particular field or advice for traveling with children.

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NomadMe|The Digital Nomad Daily Show with Beck Power

With an 8-years experience of online marketing and 6-years of living a nomadic lifestyle, Beck’s podcast is chock-full of useful information. It’s great for anyone interested in learning about the day-to-day toils of a digital nomad and strategies to get your own freelancing off the ground. In the ‘100 podcasts in 100 days’ series, she gives a realistic idea of what to expect as a digital nomad, including the mental hardships. Most episodes are between 5 and 30 minutes long, though there are some feature-length programs. With guests and insights, it’s a superb resource for any budding or already traveling digital nomad.

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Digital Nomad Girl

This 5-episode series aims to inspire other female entrepreneurs and provide a guide for modern digital nomads. Each episode tackles a different topic, covering everything from money-making tips to spirituality and wellness. Digital Nomad Girl believes in taking care of mind, body, business, and soul, and her series will show you exactly how to do just that. From crypto-currency to shamanic journeys, the series takes the audience by the hand and introduces them to the life of a digital nomad. With several guest appearances and real-life case studies, it’s inspiring and perfect for beginners.

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The James Altucher Show

This podcast is a little different in that it isn’t specifically about digital nomads. However, it’s well worth checking out. James seeks out and interviews peak performers in every area of life, and speaks to some of the most successful and influential people in the world. He offers a peek into the lives of his interviewees and discusses their journey to get where they are today. From billionaires and comedians to astronauts and ex-special forces, you get to meet the world’s champions. It’s equal parts inspiring and fascinating and aims to help you reinvent yourself.

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Become Nomad with Eli David

This long-running series is a superb resource for those looking to become a digital nomad, especially if you start from the beginning. Eli covers a vast range of topics, beginning with the basics and leading up to current affairs and strategies to succeed. The episodes are interspersed with inspirational and educational guest appearances from successful nomads and experts across a vast array of fields. As well as advice for digital nomads, Eli also touches on general travel tips, such as creating a budget and surviving long-distance bus rides. Most episodes are around 15-30 minutes long, ideal for commuters.

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The Nomad Together Podcast with Paul and Becky Kortman

This podcast will bust the myth that you can’t be a digital nomad if you have kids. The Kortmans’ travel the globe with their four children and their podcast aims to show you that anyone can be location independent. Each episode discusses a different aspect of life on the road as a family of digital nomads, from the best ways to school your kids to remote working tips and tricks. With interviews from other nomadic families, it’s a fascinating insight and an invaluable resource for families who long to be location independent.

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Digital Nomad Cafe with Adam Finan

This series takes a closer look at the business side of life as a digital nomad, focusing on growing an online company and becoming a successful freelancer. In each episode, Adam chats to a guest who has excelled in their field. Throughout the 30-or-so-minutes, you’ll learn what made them choose to become location independent and how they achieved their goals. Also, each episode is packed full of useful tips for anyone looking to follow in their footsteps. It’s aimed at beginners and experienced nomads alike and touches on a wide range of topics.

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Chris The Freelancer

This popular podcast takes a real-life look at the people who make up the global digital nomad community. In each episode, Chris is joined by a guest or two who are working remotely, run their own online business, or are freelancing around the world. Each chapter looks at everything from the best ways to grow your business to the pros and cons of living in a particular area. It offers a healthy balance between work and play, with a specific focus on living and working in Thailand.

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As Told By Nomads

Hosted by Tayo Rockson, this series stretches over more than 300 episodes and is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to become a digital nomad. It’s also superb for current nomads, travelers, and anyone really. Besides discussing how to become a successful nomad or grow your business, Tayo also delves into the more human side of life on the road. His series looks inwards and aims to help you improve not only your finances but yourself. It’s artfully done through both motivational monologues and interviews with guests from across the world. The goal is to help you to see the world, and yourself, through a vast array of different lenses.

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Going Remote

‘Going Remote’ is a fascinating podcast that is ideal for anyone who longs to work remotely, but doesn’t have a traditional digital nomad skillset. Hosted by former NASA engineer Charles Du, Going Remote is a short but informative series. In each episode, Charles chats with a successful digital nomad who is working a role that doesn’t fall into the typical remote worker profile. From real estate agents and fitness coaches to account managers and life coaches, Charles sets out to prove that almost any role can be carried out remotely. It’s great for those who don’t necessarily want to give up the day job and is filled with inspiring stories and tips.

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Nomadtopia Radio with Amy Scott

Join Amy Scott as she helps you discover your very own Nomadtopia. Her long-running and still active podcast covers a vast array of travel and digital nomad topics and is full of great information. Each episode features a guest who has created their ideal, location independent life and discusses how they got there. Along the way, you’ll hear all the ups and downs, as well as valuable tips for sustaining yourself as a long-term digital nomad. Amy’s guests are an eclectic mix of everyone from solo backpackers and traveling families to six-figure online business owners, creating extremely diverse content.

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Starting from Nothing — The Foundation Podcast

‘Starting from Nothing’ is the perfect podcast for anyone who dreams of becoming a digital nomad but lacks the cash, know-how, and experience. In each episode, guest entrepreneurs share their success stories and the strategies they used to get to where they are now. What makes this podcast stand out is the fact that all the guests started from zero. With over 230 episodes, the series covers a vast spectrum of tactics in a variety of fields. It’s all interspersed with episodes on how to deal with the issues that might be holding you back and avoiding the things not to do.

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The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Natalie Sisson’s Quest for Freedom

Natalie Sisson has been living and documenting the digital nomad lifestyle for over a decade. Her original podcast, ‘The Suitcase Entrepreneur’ (TSE), talks all about becoming a digital nomad, gaining financial freedom and becoming location independent full-time. Meanwhile, her newer show, ‘Untapped’ focuses more on untapping the energy and power within all of us through life-long learning. Both shows feature knowledgeable guests, providing great insight into the world of remote working. It’s interesting to hear how Natalie’s experiences have changed her perspective on life, and it’s well worth taking the time to listen from start to end.

Find the original series on Google, and check out her new show, ‘Untapped’ on both Apple and Google.

The Tim Ferriss Show

For many digital nomads, Tim Ferriss’ ‘4-Hour Workweek’ is one of the books that inspired them to get off the couch and into the world. His podcast is just as inspiring and is packed full of anecdotes, tips, and advice from a wealth of different guests. In each episode, Tim speaks to an expert in their field, from chess masters to life coaches and everyone in between. Each show is at least an hour-long, with some up to 2 and a half hours. During this time, Tim deconstructs his guest’s strategies to find the tools and tricks that his listeners can use to improve themselves.

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