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The Best Passport Holder for World Travelers

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Passports are among the few things you absolutely need to take with you wherever you go. Losing or damaging yours while you’re abroad can be a time-consuming and expensive problem. Fortunately, the right passport holder can help you keep it safe.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best passport holders on the market.

Passport Holder Overview

Before delving into the reviews, let’s explore why it’s useful to have a passport holder or cover. We’ll also discuss what features the best passport holders have. But first, you might be wondering why you need one.

The Benefits of Having a Passport Holder

The best passport holder for travel is the one that best suits your needs. It should be unobtrusive while providing the following key advantages:

Protection Against the Elements

A passport holder will keep your most important travel document(s) safe from everything – from torrential rain to spilled wine.

The best passport holders for travelers who like to venture into extreme environments will keep each page dry and safe from damage. Plus, with digital passports becoming the norm, keeping them safe from crushing and water damage is more critical than ever.

Enhanced Security

One of the most important benefits that the best passport holders can offer is improved security and privacy.

Passports are a valuable commodity on the black market and are unfortunately, a prime target for pickpockets and thieves. A cover can cause a thief to overlook your passport, while a customized passport holder will typically have physical security features in place.

Protection Against Identity Theft

As well as physical security, you can also find passport holders that provide digital protection.

Modern passports feature a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip, which stores your personal information. RFID passport holders can prevent this data being scanned by criminals, protecting your privacy.

More Organized

Some of the best passport holders offer far more than just a simple cover.

Depending on the size and design, you can find a great many that can store additional vital items, such as cash, credit cards, boarding passes, receipts, hotel keycards, and even a pen.

Easy to Access at the Airport

The dark blue cover of a US passport isn’t always easy to find when you’re frantically rummaging through your carry-on luggage at airport security. Fortunately, passport holders come in a great many designs, patterns, and colors. So, choose something that stands out and can be found with ease at the airport.

What to Look for in a Good Passport Holder

Not all passport holders are made the same. Indeed, they come in many shapes and sizes. Some are packed full of features and extra storage, while others are more attractive.

When considering the best passport holder for travel, look out for the following features:

Security Features

If you aim to keep your passport as safe as possible, then it’s worth looking for an RFID passport holder. To prevent identity theft, an RFID blocking layer keeps digital pickpockets at bay and prevents them from stealing your data. Other security features include neck pouches that make it difficult for thieves to physically get their hands on your valuables. Zippered compartments add another layer of security.

Material and Durability

Passport holders can be made from a variety of materials, such as leather, PVC, nylon, hard plastic, and polyester. Check for the quality of stitching where relevant, and the toughness of the material. For example, leather offers excellent durability. Also, look out for waterproof and slash-resistant materials to further protect your passport.


Different passport holders are designed to fulfill various needs. For organized group travel, multiple passport holders are a top choice, as they’re designed to carry all the group’s documents in one place. Other types of passport holders focus on different functions. For example, neck pouch or waist passport holders emphasize security and portability. Be sure to choose the passport holder that best suits your particular needs.

Extra Storage

Another thing to look out for is extra storage space. Some passport holders are simply stylized covers, while others might have a few slots for boarding passes or credit cards. Customized passport holders are often designed to take the place of a standard wallet. These generally feature plenty of storage for anything from the local currency to your cell phone.


Finally, it’s essential to consider the size of the passport holder you want. Some are extremely thin and lightweight and are only marginally larger than a regular passport. Other types are much bigger and cannot fit so easily into your pocket or bag. The best passport holders for travel find the middle ground. They’re small and slim enough to fit comfortably into a pocket or hang around the neck while providing enough features to make them worthwhile.

The Top 5 Passport Holders for Travel

With a better idea of what to look for in a great passport holder, let’s take a look at our top 5.

Zero Grid Travel Wallet and Family Passport Holder

The Zero Grip Travel Wallet is perhaps the best family passport holder on our list. At 8¾ x 5¼ x 1⅛ inches externally, it probably won’t fit in your back pocket. However, it’s still relatively lightweight and should slip into most backpacks with ease.


Extra storage space: It fits six passports and ten credit cards. It also has an additional zippered pocket for cash and pouches for boarding passes and other items.
Durable: It’s well-made with strong stitching, sturdy zippers, and quality materials.
Secure: The built-in RFID blocker prevents identity theft. 7 extra anti-RFID sleeves keep your cards and passport safe outside the holder.
Easy to stay organized: It opens up like a book. Cutaways in each pocket allow you to see exactly what is in each pocket.


Size: If you’re looking for a passport holder you can fit into your pocket, this isn’t it. Due to its size, it will normally need to be kept in a bag.
No strap to secure it to your body: It is less physically secure than others on this list, and more prone to theft or being lost.
It doesn’t fit all documents: Printed boarding passes and certain train tickets need to stored elsewhere.

Winks Travel RFID Passport Holder Neck Pouch

This waterproof passport holder is great for adventure travelers. With space for far more than just a passport, it’s great to carry around wherever you go, from crowded markets to challenging hiking trails. A comfortable neck cord ensures your most valuable items are always close to hand.


Spacious: With seven pockets there’s plenty of space to store your passport, credit cards, car keys, travel documents, and even your cell phone.
Durable: The waterproof and slash-resistant material means it’ll survive tough conditions while keeping your items in good shape.
Secure: Comfortable to wear around the neck, it’s easily concealed and safe from pickpockets.
RFID blocking: Three layers of RFID blocking material keep your data private and make this one of the best RFID passport holders on this list.


Difficult to organize: Some pockets may be too small for your needs, or too stiff to store credit cards in easily.
Size: It’s larger than most of the items on this list and can be difficult to conceal when filled.

Herschel Raynor Passport Holder

This is an excellent choice for something durable and easily portable. It’s also available in a wide number of patterns and colors, making it a great gift.


Small and lightweight: At 5.5 x 4” it can easily fit into your pocket.
Easy to clean: Made from 100% polyester it can be washed by hand if it gets grubby.
Durable: The strong material and tough stitching keep it safe from general wear and tear.
Secure: An RFID blocking layer keeps your personal information safe from criminals.


Not all patterns and colors feature the RFID blocking layer, and it can cost extra to include it.
Little additional storage: With just 4 extra slots for cards, don’t expect to fit more than the bare essentials into this holder.
No space for local currency: You’ll still need to take a wallet with you on your travels if you plan to carry some cash around.

Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Passport Holder

Made from high quality materials, the Venture 4th is perhaps one of the best passport holder neck pouches in this price range.

It features an adjustable neck cord and a moisture-wicking material that keeps it comfortable no matter the weather. At 8.3 × 5.9 × 0.4 inches, it’s spacious enough to carry all the essentials comfortably, yet can be concealed easily.


Great organization: With a clear ID display pouch, two zippered pockets, and a Velcro pouch, there’s room for your passport, cash, cards, travel documents, and keys.
Comfortable and durable: Double stitched and made from high quality water-resistant and slash-proof nylon, it boasts great durability and comfort.
Secure: RFID protected and easy to conceal, it’s a pickpocket’s worst nightmare.


Storage capacity: Compared to other holders, it isn’t quite big enough to accommodate both a cell phone and a passport.
For some it may be a bit too big and bulky.

Villini Genuine Leather US Passport Holder

If you’re looking for something that screams quality, this is a fantastic choice.

It’s available in a variety of colors and is handsomely embossed with the US coat of arms on the front, and the Brooklyn Bridge on the back. At 5.5 × 4 × 0.35 inches, it will fit in your pocket or bag with ease.


Stunning looks: You can smell the quality of this 100% genuine leather passport holder and whichever color you choose, it’s bound to impress.
Secure: An RFID blocking layer protects against digital thieves and keeps your private data safe.
Size: It’s small enough to carry around with ease.


Little storage options: Due to its small size it only offers four slots for cards and an additional pouch for boarding passes or money. As such, it doesn’t replace a wallet altogether.
Stiff at first: It can take a bit of time for the material to start to give, making it tricky to get your passport in at first. One tip is to use a wooden ruler to loosen it up.

The Verdict

Having browsed 5 of the best passport holders on the market, you’ve hopefully got a good idea of which is the ideal one for you. But if you’re still undecided, here are our thoughts.

For us, the best all-rounder was a close competition between the Winks Travel RFID Passport Holder and the Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Passport Holder.

However, in the end, the Venture 4th just had the edge. Here’s why:

The Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch Passport Holder ticks all the right boxes when it comes to things to look out for in the right passport holder.

First, it provides a high level of security from both physical and digital thieves. An RFID layer keeps you safe from identity theft, while the secure neck cord allows you to keep your goods close and concealed.

Second, it is made from quality materials that offer protection from water and crushing damage. Double stitching ensures excellent durability. As for functionality, the comfortable neck cord keeps your hands free.

Finally, and what really sets it apart from the competition, the size is just right. It’s not too big that it’s bulky and difficult to conceal, while it’s large enough to carry all the essentials in an organized fashion.

As stated, it’s a tough choice and one that ultimately depends on your needs. The large size of a multiple passport holder may not be an issue if your priority is to keep the whole family’s documents safe. Alternatively, perhaps you just want a simple cover to personalize your passport a little bit. Whatever you choose, a passport holder can undoubtedly help ensure safe travels.